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Take the lead in the battle against climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of your home, workplace, travel, and every other activity you perform and purchase you make. Calculate your carbon footprint and buy carbon offsets from Climate Carbon to support the most innovative and authentic projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

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    Everything we do, use, or consume—from the fuel used in our cars to the foods we choose to the hair products we use— requires energy, which results in carbon emissions.

    So, what can you do to make a positive impact on the environment?

    The majority of people nowadays must purchase carbon offsets in order to become carbon neutral.


    By supporting initiatives that reduce carbon emissions, you can balance your carbon impact. Your Climate Carbon purchase supports environment-friendly projects like reforestation initiatives, wind farms, landfill gas capture projects, and many other initiatives that lower carbon emissions on your behalf.

    Project 1966

    Sichuan Miyaluo Hydroelectric Station

    Project 1622

    REDD+ Project for the Caribbean

    Project 1091

    Sena Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Project 1522

    Soubre Hydropower Project

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    Use Our Simple Calculator To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
    What is a carbon footprint?

    Enter the number of people you wish to calculate for

    Plant based
    Meat lover

    In the last year, excluding business travel. For example, if you and two family members took a holiday, enter 3 flights

    16.1 tonnes CO2 per year
    Tonnes CO2 per year
    Your approximate household carbon footprint is 16.1 tonnes CO2 per year which is the average footprint in Canada and 70% more than the world average.

    Learn how to reduce your footprint with our reduction guide and consider offsetting the rest.

    Offsetting is a powerful tool that neutralizes your carbon footprint with high quality carbon offset projects.

    Take climate action and offset your footprint with our Climate Carbon plan

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    Climate Carbon Provides Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Measuring, Reporting, Verifying, and Auditing of Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

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