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We Are Taking Small Steps To Make

Earth A Better Planet

Climate Carbon is committed to combating climate change and enhancing people’s lives by striving to make the world a climate-neutral place, meaning each and every person takes responsibility for their own carbon footprint.

In an attempt to do so, we help to finance, implement, and administer carbon reduction and offsetting projects all around the world to help organizations take responsibility for their carbon impact.

Why We

Why We
Started Climate Carbon

Initially, we started Climate Carbon as an initiative to fight against climate change by primarily focusing on controlling carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions destroying our planet bit by bit. But, with time, we thought of broadening our scope and as a result, Climate Carbon began reaching out to corporate organizations willing to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and respective impact on climate change.

Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses decrease, offset their carbon footprint and accelerate the transition to a cleaner future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the twin challenges of climate change and environmental degradation by implementing effective and efficient solutions.

Climate Carbon aims at helping business entities, whether small or large, to do their part in the global challenge of decreasing carbon emissions by narrowing the gap between ambition and implementation.

Our team of environment and climate specialists work to develop valuable, dynamic strategies and projects that can be implemented within time to control the climatic crisis from worsening any further.

Do good, feel good.

Our Testimonials

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Matthew Green Volunteer

"Climate Carbon's carbon offsets are certified by credible organizations and are guaranteed to be incremental. This is the reason why I picked them."

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LIam S. Volunteer

"With Climate Carbon's advice, my family was able to not only purchase, but offset our whole lifetime's worth of carbon emissions in a single transaction."

Benjamin Tremblay Volunteer

"It's encouraging to know that people and companies like Climate Carbon are working to develop methods to deliver products and services that are environmentally friendly. There is only one earth and it must be protected."