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Every action we take has an effect on the environment. Our daily choices impact our carbon footprint. From the means by which we go to work to what we eat, everything impacts the climate.

So, what are our options? The interesting thing is that we have the power to alter it. With our free Carbon Footprint Calculator or Carbon Offset Calculator, you can easily calculate your carbon footprint. It calculates the carbon footprint precisely to Canada and USA countries especially, allowing you to truly “Estimate your number.”

Once you’ve determined your carbon footprint, all you have to do now is to buy carbon offsets to counteract the impact of your emissions. You can help Carbon Offsetting Projects combat climate change while also helping underprivileged communities throughout the world.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the measurement of the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted to sustain a person’s lifestyle and activities, both directly and indirectly. Carbon footprints are often quantified in equivalent tonnes of CO2 over the course of a year and can be linked to a person, a business, a product, or an event, among many other things.

The production and use of fossil fuels, manufactured items, food, materials, roads, as well as transportation can all contribute to a carbon footprint.

How Do You Calculate Your Carbon Footprint?

The carbon footprint is calculated as the number of tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted each year, as well as other harmful greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. In general, walking a distance has lower carbon emissions or environmental effects than driving a distance. Similarly, shipping or delivering products also has a carbon impact, and so does the food. Agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions since it produces methane.

One of the finest options you have is to use our detailed and simple carbon footprint calculator to offset your carbon footprint. We take into account all important parameters and values in order to provide a precise estimate of your carbon footprint.

Use Our Simple Calculator To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
What is a carbon footprint?

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16.1 tonnes CO2 per year
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Your approximate household carbon footprint is 16.1 tonnes CO2 per year which is the average footprint in Canada and 70% more than the world average.

Learn how to reduce your footprint with our reduction guide and consider offsetting the rest.

Offsetting is a powerful tool that neutralizes your carbon footprint with high quality carbon offset projects.

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