Home Energy Offsets

Have a cozy sleep at home with peace of mind that you’ve offset the energy used by your household. Our ‘carbon sinks’ trap carbon by growing self-sustaining bio-diverse native plantations, transforming your carbon emissions into plants.

Just make the selection of the size of your household from the below-mentioned menu. Your donated fund will cover a year’s worth of electricity and natural gas use for a family of similar size.



Buying a carbon offset is like donating funds to one of our tree-planting programs.

  • Each offset unit equates to 1 ton of CO2e neutralized from the environment.
  • To ensure that the same offset can’t be sold twice, a record of each offset unit is maintained on an internal registry.
  • The Emissions Reduction Fund established criteria and standards are followed in our initiatives.
  • Our projects are implemented, and carbon sequestration is measured using industry best practices.
  • We work hard to make sure that our initiatives are maintained using the most up-to-date ecological restoration techniques.
  • Consumption of electricity and natural gas is included.
  • The calculations are made on the basis of the average size of a household. A family of 2.6 people with yearly electricity and natural gas use of 6,016 kWh and 4,831 kWh, respectively.

16, 32, 48, 64, 80