Project Summary

7.2 Million tons of Verra carbon credits for Spot Buy V.2021 & 2022 , Brazil REDD+, CCB, Triple Gold + V.2023+ offtake available


Verra Project ID’s # 2586 & 2587


The 413 Environmental REDD+, +CCB, Triple Gold Project aims to reduce emissions derived by deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazonian tropical rainforest. This project is expected to consume 43,973,073 tons of CO2e over its 30-year lifespan (2021-2050), with 34,615,467 of that in its first 10- year crediting period (2021-2030).

Fascinating Number Facts: A Glimpse into Numerical Marvels

496,342Hectares – Size of Project/Parcels

96Number of indigenous communities

1,465,769Tons of CO2 expected to be annually consumed

30Year lifecycle: Start (1/1/2021) – End (12/31/2050

66%Of the revenue from the carbon credits go back into the local community

Pioneering Sustainability Solutions

  • Uses and meets stringent VCS standards and methodologies to a REDD+, +CCB, Triple Gold voluntary carbon market.
  • Project area comprises a parcel of land named Mata’-Mata’ with 496,342 hectares of undisturbed areas of tropical rainforest distinguished as dense lowland, alluvial, and sub- montane forests.
  • Parcel of land is situated in the municipalities of Manicoré and Novo Aripuanã, in the southern State of Amazonas, Brazil. Climate, Community, and Biodiversity standards (CCB, Triple Gold) are anticipated the beginning of 2024. Once issued, vintage years 2021 & 2022 will be retroactively allotted.
  • Delivery and issuance of Vintages 2021-2022 will be Q4 2023. For Vintages 2023+ offtake delivery will be Q2 2024.
  • Available for Spot Buy 7.2 Million Vintages 2021 & 2022
    Also REDD+, +CCB, Triple Gold*

* Denotes CCB, Triple Gold audit will happen in Q2 2024, meaning CCB, Triple Gold status will be retroactive to day 1 Vintage 2021+ credits onwards

A high–quality carbon credit project includes

Scores strong on all dimensions, especially on additionality, leakage mitigation, and permanence. Assures GHG emission reduction targets are based on robust forecast models.

Facilitates transition towards net–zero goals (ideally not only avoids, but removes CO2).

Governed by strong processes, including full transparency and critical 3rd party checks going beyond carbon emissions. Supports local development, impacts people’s lives positively, and protects various endangered plant, animal, and fish species.

Beyond carbon emissions

  • Promoting Local Development
  • Enhancing Lives
  • Safeguarding Endangered Plants, Animals, and Fish Species

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