Grid Connected Bundled Wind Power Project in Gujarat managed by Enercon (India) Limited.

Project Summary

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    Enercon (India) Limited

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    Estimated Annual Emissions Reductions


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    Energy industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)

    VCS Methodology


    VCS Project Validator

    LGAI Technological Center, S.A. (Applus+)

The objective of the project is development, design, engineering, procurement, finance, construction, operation and maintenance of bundled wind power project of 15.2 MW in the Indian state of Gujarat to provide reliable, renewable power to the Gujarat state electricity grid which is part of the NEWNE electricity grid. The project considered has used the barren land at Jamnagar District in the state of Gujarat. The project will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions by displacing electricity from fossil fuel based electricity generation plants. The project harnesses renewable wind resources in the region, displacing non-renewable natural resources ultimately leading to sustainable economic and environmental development of the region

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