Onil Stoves Guatemala Uspantan

Project Summary

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    HELPS International Incorporated


    VCS Project Status

    Crediting Period Renewal and Verification Approval Requested

    Estimated Annual Emissions Reductions


    VCS Project Type

    Energy demand

    VCS Methodology


    VCS Project Validator

    Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd

    Crediting Period Term

    1st, 20/12/2020 – 19/12/2030

Distribution of fuel-efficient, improved cook stoves to households across the Republic of Guatemala in households that currently use conventional open fire. The replacement of open fires with more efficient devices in households reduces the amount of fuel wood consumption through improved combustion efficiency, thus reducing the GHG emissions linked to non renewable biomass and incomplete combustion of fuel wood. This project was open for public comment from 04 October to 03 November 2017. No comments were received.

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