Soubre Hydropower Project

Project Summary

  • 1522

  • San Pedro Province

  • VCS



    Sichuan Province, China

    VCS Project Status


    Estimated Annual Emissions Reductions


    VCS Project Type

    Energy industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)

    VCS Methodology


    VCS Project Validator

    Tuev Nord Cert GmbH (Tuev Nord)

    Crediting Period Term

    1st, 25/05/2017 – 24/05/2027

Soubre HPP is a run-of-river hydropower plant with a capacity of 270 MW and a micro-hydro power plant of 5 MW with a total estimated average electricity generation to the grid of 1,170 GWh per year, fed by a 17.3 km² reservoir, in Côte d’Ivoire.

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